Committed to People and the future

Using token incentives, to improve the global energy economy.

Helping you acquire solar credits and offset your carbon footprint


Building real world
solar farms to eliminate
real world carbon emissions

Glow is a token incentive project that rewards solar farm operators with cash and tokens for eliminating carbon emissions. Glow community members can contribute to these incentives by purchasing carbon credits, and by inviting the businesses in their life to be contributors. Every dollar spent on carbon credits transforms into as much as $20 of brand new solar, thanks to value of the electricity produced by solar panels.


Every dollar spent is augmented by electricity sales, maximizing total carbon impact.


Glow focuses on building brand new solar, in areas where it would not be profitable without incentives.


Every dollar spent is used to incentivize the future production of carbon credits, rather than reward efforts from the past.


Every contributor can track their contributions and overall impact on the blockchain.

Secure scientific and verified

Glow uses elected auditors to visit every solar farm and confirm the true carbon impact. Glow uses a combination of on-site monitoring, remote monitoring, and verified grid data to certify every ton of carbon dioxide emissions that gets eliminated.

  • 1

    Solar Farm Verification

    An auditor physically visits each solar farm to ensure that the solar panels exist, that they meet Glow’s quality standards, and that they can produce the quantities of electricity claimed by the manufacturer.

  • 2

    Energy Analysis

    Glow uses third party data providers such as WattTime to measure the true carbon impact of the electricity produced by each solar panel.

  • 3

    Blockchain Tracking

    Carbon credits get minted on the blockchain, where their status, ownership, and history can be transparently verified by anyone in the world.

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